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 What is a DEA?

A : DEAs  are accredited and licensed Domestic Energy Assessors

Q: Why do I need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) to sell my Home?

A:  From August1st 2007 4 bedroom properties (to include all properties later in the year) will require an EPC before they can be placed on the market, this is an EU directive. 

Q: What is an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

A:  An Energy Performance Certificate  (EPC) is a graphical report showing the energy efficiency and environmental impact of your property.

Q: What does the certificate look like?

A:  PDF of

Q: Does an actual survey take place at my property?

A:  Yes, an internal and external inspection of the property is carried out by a licensed DEA. He or she will make a note of the follwing:

  • Confirm age of the property
  • Note the construction of the walls and roof, checking for signs of cavity insulation
  • Look for green devices (such as solar electric panels or solar water evacuated tubes )
  • Confirm how many windows are double glazed and when installed
  • Count number of  fireplaces, open or closed
  • Check make and model of boiler and the type of flue and fule used
  • Calculate the number of CFLs (low energy bulbs)
  • Confirm type of heating system used and controls. 
  • Measure roof insulation
  • Measure the thickness of the hot water cylinder jacket or foam.
  • Check for excessive window area in larger houses and take precise measurements of conservatories and extensions.
  • Confirm how many 'habitable' rooms are heated.
  • Measure the internal or external areas of the home.
  • Sketch and make relevent notes of the home and room  layeout

Q: What will the Certificate tell me?

A:  It will provide you with clear information on the energy performance of the property and cost effective means for improvement. Most of the improvements will be under 500.00.  Any improvements will make you more comfortable in a warmer and less drafty home. You will also be saving money and reducing your carbon footprint by reducing CO2 emissions

Q: Will the DEA be affiliated to any energy companies or home improvement companies.

A:  No there will be no recommendations made as to which companies to use for energy improvements.


Raymond Evans is a fully accredited Domestic Energy Assessor with indemnity insurance, registered with Data Protection Act 1998 and can produce on request Basic Disclosure in accordance with Part V of the Police Act 1997.

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